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1. Something created by mankind on the 8th day (after the earth created mankind) to instill fear in the common masses who can't see beyond logic.
2. The opiate of the dumbasses.
A man was talking with me one afternoon and he started to go on and on about God and Jesus like they were people he was partying with last weekend. So when I had enough of his religion bull shit, I knocked out his four front teeth with a tire iron and said, "Why didn't God or Jesus do something to stop that ass whipping you just got, you know, since you all are "boys". Seems to me that your savior would have done something unless (a.) he doesn't give a shit, or (b.) he doesn't exist.
by P.Lesh May 07, 2004
Something you say to or about someone that has done wrong to someone/something else implying what goes around comes around.
"I think his wife caught him with another woman in the church confessional booth; and now it's too late for him to lose the weight he used to need to throw around. I hear she has already talked with the local mob boss....."
by P.Lesh May 07, 2004

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