When the girl you just creampied sits up and squeezes your load out on to you.
My wife loves to rejaculate all over me.
by DaveInsurgent November 29, 2010
Top Definition
Spit, in the "spit or swallow" paradigm.
Do you rejaculate, or are your blowjobs actually worth the money?
by BRooski August 04, 2009
For a male to ejaculate during sex, get hard again, ejaculate, and continue this cycle repeatedly.
"I rejaculated like 3 times last night. She was so tight."
by fappster January 18, 2015
(verb): to ejaculate (cum/come/jizz/nut/etc.) a second (or third, or fourth...) time in one sexual encounter.
I hooked up with a multi-orgasmic guy last night: he came in my vadge, then rejaculated on my tits!
by fauxbourdon December 07, 2005
The leftover sperm from a previous ejaculation that exits the body once urination occurs.
1. After I finished on Stacy, I went to the bathroom and rejaculated.

2. Its better to rejaculate right after ejaculation to avoid "clogging the pipes".
by Arse21 July 02, 2010
1/ Come again
2/ To exclaim, cry out or say in surprise more than once
1/ Man, that was such a sex session I had with your mother last night - I must have rejaculated 3 or 4 times!

2/ "Ouch!" yelped the drunk husband as he smashed his shins into the coffee table in the dark when he came home from the pub.
"Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" he rejaculated when he woke up the next morning to find the ticking of his watch sounded like Big Ben.
by innesa February 16, 2011
when you masturbate and then have sex in the same day
Guy #1 " Dude last night was awesome I jacked-off and then fucked this girl and came again."

Guy #2 " Whoa, you rejaculated"

Guy #1 " Cool!"
by trhunnner April 26, 2009
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