4 definitions by BRooski

When her pants are so tight you can read her lips!
That slut's cleavadge is wider than your ass crack. I want to depants her to end it all, but I might end up munching a Grand Canyon.
by BRooski August 19, 2009
Spit, in the "spit or swallow" paradigm.
Do you rejaculate, or are your blowjobs actually worth the money?
by BRooski August 04, 2009
When booty pants are so tight, that the actual fabric rides up next to their beaver, creating a mound of protruding pussy.
Oh, nast! That skank's goin for the J-Lo effect, but instead she got a nice juicy slut puck.
by BRooski August 19, 2009
expansive, vast, large beyond belief.

ginourmous, with undertones alluding to the largest vadge you have ever seen.
OMG, his effing ego is vaginourmous.
by BRooski August 04, 2009

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