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nasty shwag weed
when i'm poor, i gotta smoke some reggies.
by chloe January 16, 2003
A student at an IB school (one that is shared with the public system), that is not in the IB programme. Reggys usually without the knwolege of crucial information such as justified true beliefs. They are unknowlegable of the makings of a truth table, and how to use it to see if point are valid.

There is an exception to this rule. If the student is in math studies, they are also considered a reggy.
How can reggys live without knwoing what a justified true belief is?

Wow that reggy is so dumb, they don't know how to do a truth table.
#reggy #ib #reggie #tok #justified true belief
by MulletmanTaxi July 19, 2009
One of the many entrances to keegtown; A makeshift party room consisting of an assortment of wood slabs, tables, dragon boat ores, couches and often futons. In many cases, it is found underneith a fellew friends house. It has a small hobbit like entrance with a door that occasionally gets stuck. Can save many minors from and MIP if the police show up.
I was over at that kickass party and the cops came, thank god they don't know about reggies.
#partyroom #house #minor #drinking #smoking
by scottmetts August 27, 2006
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