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Pink Floyd is, if not one of the best bands ever formed, way up there.
pink floyd > many many many people
by Chloe January 03, 2005
pickney - children
plural: pickney dem - those/the children
Da pickney dem mek bare noise
the children make loads of noise
by Chloe December 03, 2004
nasty shwag weed
when i'm poor, i gotta smoke some reggies.
by chloe January 16, 2003
sketch comedy show in the early 90s that consisted of david foley, bruce mccolloch, kevin macdonald, mark mckinney, and scott thompson.
is the most awesome show ever, and a much better sketch comedy show then crap like mad tv.
idiot: omg! mad tv is so awesome!
chloe: :slap: KIDS IN THE HALL!
by chloe March 06, 2004
A word that all parents can't live without. It has no real meaning.
by Chloe September 09, 2003
(dead) lead singer of the the ramones who invented punk rock, whores.
joey ramone is the sexiest person ever.
by chloe March 06, 2004
the French phrase bon chic, bon genre, a Parisian slang meaning good style, good attitude
"nice boots" could be "those boots are so bcbg"
by Chloe December 19, 2003
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