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regular weed
I wanted the chronic but Reggie was the only one hanging out.
by jojo November 14, 2002
A black kid who is really obnoxious. Bestfriends are 8th grade girls and he is 18. Sucks at football!
Yep she is Reggie.
by therealmvp00 April 26, 2016
Reggie- a poker player that has no idea how to fucking play, a complete moron
The man across the table at this fine poker tournament is a Reggie, I'm going to take all of his money.
#reggie #poker #broke #haha #willlose
by shaftorian September 18, 2014
Registered sex offender; someone who is creepy.
He looks like a Reggie!
#creep #sex offender #gross #unwanted #creeper
by SassyPants322 September 09, 2014
a large curved erect penis.
All the women loved Derek because of the size of his reggie.
#erection #hard on #woody #boner #stiffy
by jokingkong November 04, 2009
left earbud used to mildly cut awkward cacophony when well- hung tenant is fucking the life out of an unexpected house guest whom he failed to request landlordian permission to issue an overnight invitation
There is not enough grass and kale juice in the world to lift my spirits if I cannot find my reggie to help me through this long, loud night.
#reggie #chief keef #grass #chicken #sex
by Badass Resume November 20, 2013
A dude who's way too cool to make up and urbandictionary definition of his own name...someone with a boring name like James or Sally has to make up one for him. Additional characteristics necessary for being called Reggie include being impossibly awesome, and being impossibly talented at everything (except singing). Oh, and everybody loves Reggies.
Girl 1: I think I'm in love! Look at that dude over there!
Girl 2: I think I'm in love too! He's probably called Reggie.
Girl 1: Yeah, most likely. They say guys called Reggie are the coolest.
Girl 2: That's soo true!
#reginald #reggie bush #reggy #regie #rejie #rejinald
by Frank O'Keefe August 09, 2011
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