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When an act of something good takes place , "good son" is said to the person in which the act occurs.
Wully said to Alison "GOOD SON" when she wanted to have sex with him.
by William Shaw Duncan Jr. December 10, 2007
A person that trolls teachers, students, peers, small children, and animals. A person that likes to think that he/she is awesome and that everyone loves them. A Goodson also makes up his/her own dance when they are mocking/trolling others You do not want to be a Goodson.
Person 1: So my dog is like the cutest animal ever! Right? Right?

Goodson: (in mocking tone) oh look im (person 1) and my dog is so cute, wahhhh wahhh (does personal dance/gesture)
by youknowyoulike August 11, 2011
A cock sucking grundle licker, that enjoys getting a plumpkin from random black males and getting hodini's for large overweight germans.
Ur cool....ur definitely not a goodson
by TReeloverhungatree September 25, 2006
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