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By and large a rural or small town person with certain attitudes and tastes that are in general, lacking sophistication . For example, they prefer to only do certain things that most would consider in some cases crude or rough. But its just their nature. Usually because of how they were raised. Typically, they like to watch certain sports, and drink , and have a very blunt manner. A redneck is not Southern. There are redneck Southerners, but rednecks can be from anywhere, really. Southern rednecks actually have more in common with Yankees- due to their rude and brash manner and harsh way of speaking. There are lots of Northern and Midwestern Rednecks too in the USA. Redneck is an attitude that is pretty narrow and not open to other things . Most rednecks tend to be of the lower socio-economic backrground
He's a typical redneck who likes to use foul language and scratch himself in public.
by RichmondBread March 18, 2009
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