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1. an insult to anybody who is actually Italian.

2. over tanned, hair crazed, big chested morons who drive shitty cars with rims that cost more than the car does.

3. Dress like complete jerk offs in a vain attempt to look cool and still go to clubs long after they should.
Guido: Hey, look at me, I'm Italian!!

Real Italian: Shut the hell up, you wannabe. (Proceeds to beat the piss out of loud mouth Guido wih baseball bat).
by Cowboyssuck August 31, 2010
the flab around the stomach that can stick out over a women's jeans. obtained by overeating, not excercising enough, or drinking too much beer.

HOWEVER... can be kindof cute on the right woman
small spare tires are sexy, whereas BIG-RIG truck tires aren't
by Cowboyssuck July 02, 2010
A second string Quarterback who went on to replace michael vick after the latter had suffered a hamstring injury. In three games he broke or tied almost all of the records set by that faggot peyton manning earlier in the season. Statistically the best quarterback in the NFL as of this entry.
Bronco's fan: Peyton manning is the best quarterback in the NFL, herp derp *starts touching his own dick*

Nick Foles: *matches record for most TD's in one game, sets all time highest QB rating average for a single month, on the way to breaking the QB rating record for a season and is two touchdown passes away from breaking the record for most touchdown passes without an interception*

Bronco's fan: *sets self on fire*
by CowboysSuck December 02, 2013
Okay, lets get something straight, theres a difference between a REDNECK and WHITE TRASH.

White Trash are people who...

1. are racist bigots who think acting intolerant and obnoxious makes them look good but doesnt

2. live in trailer parks with a rusty ass truck or old car
3. are general assholes who bang their cousins and are hated by most of the public

Rednecks and/or hicks and/or Good Ol' Boys are...
1. Generally kind, good people who just enjoy the little things in life which money cant give them(family, friends, etc.)
2. Like to work hard for what they have but are also known to play even harder than they work.
3. Live in a rural area NOT because they dont like the city but because they love the outdoors and the peace that comes with being out away from all the hustle and confusion of a big city.

4. Someone who is definitely not afraid to fight and stand up for what he believes in(especially if it envolves a woman) but at the same time knows how to treat people right.

Generally, they are compassionate, good-natured, hardworking, fun-loving people who just want to do what they want and dont mind working to get what they want.
Rednecks are usually nice to ALL people until they are given a reason not to be. Just get to know them and you will find they are good friends to have.
by Cowboyssuck December 08, 2010
1.Hot, sexy, blonde, english actress.

2.Starred in "She's Out of My League"(next to Jay Baruchel).

3.One of the sexiest women on the fucking planet who needs to be in more movies.

4. Pretty decent actress, though you cant really tell because you wont see past her tits, legs, ass, and very pretty eyes and smile.

5. Puts Megan Fox to shame; even Jessica Simpson and Eva Mendes dont come close.
Alice Eve is just fucking sexy!
by Cowboyssuck January 08, 2011
1. Something the U.S government wants its citizens to think they have, but in reality we are only as free as they want us to be.

2.When our people try to excercise their freedom, the government takes it away.

3.We can't have freedom because it would mean the government is out of a job(that job being to make sure that any "freedoms" we as Americans try to excercise our right to have are taken away).

4.Something the government doesnt want us to have because it means we wouldnt need them and they could no longer hold us hostage in our own goddamn country.
The first amendment(freedom of speech, religion, expression of opinions,etc.) is a freedom that Americans are supposes to have BUT really the only freedom of speech we have is to AGREE with everything that our government shoves up our asses. Once we use said freedoms to DISAGREE with or say anything that goes against the government, that "FREEDOM" is taken away.
by Cowboyssuck July 02, 2010
1.Unlike what most uneducated half-wits think, Toby Keith IS NOT a racist, redneck, piece of garbage. He is actually VERY patriotic and is one of the few people left in this country who IS PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND SUPPORTS THE TROOPS WHO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM EVERYDAY.

2. Songs that prove this inlcude... Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue; American Soldier, Beer for My Horses, Cryin or Me, among others.

3. He also writes his own material, unlike most of the pop pieces of garbage who make careers writing the SAME song over and over with different words.

4. His songs have meaning and feeling and are about real life situations(i.e the soldiers overseas and the loss of Wayman Tisdale in the song "Cryin for Me").
5. While Toby didnt serve in the military his father did as said in the song "Courtesy of the Red, White and blue' and has also served countless USO tours over in Iraq and Afghanistan supporting our troops.
Toby Keith is a great singer but an even better American, because HE ACTUALLY STILL LOVES THIS COUNTRY AND SUPPORTS OUR MEN AND WOMEN FIGHTING FOR THIS LAND.
by Cowboyssuck July 03, 2010

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