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a glorious lack of sophistication
at least one person in your family is one
by mateo January 06, 2004
gender neutral possesive pronoun used by people with alternative gender identities.
That cheese covered melted piece of bread belongs to hir.
by Mateo October 29, 2003
An idividual who is assigned a feminine gender role at birth to concure with hir female sex; in actuality ze has a masculine gender identity and lives as a boy all or part of the time. Tranny boys are in the early phase of transitioning from female to male and have either just begun or have not yet begun medical intervention(such as hormone therapy).

Brandon Teena was a tranny boy.
by Mateo October 29, 2003
A conservative, Christian private school that enjoys driving its students to such stress levels that they often compensate by becoming exhausterbated. Homework levels have sometimes been labeled "harmful" or "potentially stressful", although others have found it to more appropriately fall under definition #4 of bitch. (This should not be confused with some of its female teachers and students; definition #3 would be more appropriate.) There is rigorous debate between scholars as to whether or not it should be included on the list of antonyms for chocolate, not the least because the school squelches any legitimaterelationship.
Even though the offender had committed heinous crimes, the court felt that Lexington Christian Academy would be too much for even one such as him to suffer.
by mateo March 12, 2005
a female pooter
"Git your face outa my cho-cha!"
by mateo January 05, 2004
1337 for lucker: someone who is lucky
omg that noob killed me! what a lux0r!1!
by mateo March 03, 2004
A cool kid that every one likes
by mateo April 16, 2003

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