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to be doofy and/or clumsy. Makes a fool out of self frequently.
*slips and falls*
UGHH! I am so zoeyellen!
by heythere August 13, 2007
Girls=beautiful (unless it's frizzy and orange)

Guys...not so much.
Redheaded girls are beautiful and rare but red haired guys are well, nasty and hopeless.
by heythere May 13, 2008
A man of many fluffy, pretty words with very little experience or plan to back them up.
Wants to be prez-DEAR GOD HELP US!
I wouldn't like him if he were white, black, or purple.

A few Obama facts for the confused:
-Is only HALF black
-Was never poor/lived in the ghetto
-Went to private school all his life (part of the time to a muslim school)
-Has the middle name Hussein and has a stepdad who is a radical muslim
Guy: What do you think of Barack Obama??
Black girl: I love him cuz he ain't fightin for the middle class like Hillary, he's fightin for the lower class, cuz he knows what it feels like. He had a hard background.
Guy: Um, what?? He graduated from like Yale and went to prissy private school all his life.
White and Nerdy guy: Um pardon me guys, I'm most certainly voting for him so all the afro-americans will like me and I won't seem racist!!
*Black girl beats him up.*
by heythere May 12, 2008

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