Redhead usually denotes a woman with red hair, especially of the stereotype, since it's more or less a pejorative. If used for a man, it's usually to make fun of him for being redheaded.
In many men it evokes a certain traditional image of a beautiful pale skinned woman with long, red, curly tresses and a certain amount of freckles.
Gar, look at that redhead.
by Tcane November 26, 2005
A women usually classified to have hair inbetween blonde and auburn. There are very little who have it, and are usually never appreciated for the gorgeous hair. Blondes and brunettes are everywhere, but redheads are simply unique. Usually only truly loved if the opposite person is fun, others can't understand the beauty of a redhead.
Our whole family is redheaded, and PROUD. Only we know how wonderful it feels.
by Akoira July 23, 2006
someone (usually a girl) that is very hot, usually with pale skin, freckles, and blue or green eyes. true redheads dont have orange or frizzy hair
im true redhead, and its not nice to call us fire crotch!
by Erickson November 26, 2005
A person with red hair ranging from strawberry-blonde to auburn. They can be attractive or unattractive, and do not necessarily have a fiery temper. Many blondes with very little red tint to their hair will claim to be "redheads" when they are actually blondes.
Girl 1- Don't you just love my red hair?
Girl 2- You have very nice hair, it's true, but it's not even strawberry-blonde. You're not a "redhead."
by Nonegiven33 November 14, 2006
An individual who possesses the most unique combination of hair, skin, and eyes. Redheads make up only 3% of the world population. Redheads are often thought to have short tempers, which can be true. Nonetheless, they are beautiful, no matter how angry they get.

Scientific studies discovered that redheads are not like the general populous; in fact, redheads can feel 20% more pleasure/pain than those with a different hair color. It also takes 20% more alcohol/anesthesia to subdue a redhead (By the way, you cannot receive these effects from your colorist. Don't be ignorant).

There are many people who don't believe attractive redheads exist, and then there are those who think all redheads are sexy as hell. This is the only case can be said about any hair color; it's just a matter of perception and genetics.

Side Note: Some of the people who have written definitions for redheads say completely false and idiotic things such as, "they're bitchy all the time," and "the majority of them are unattractive." They try using persuasive language and their DeVry online degree in science to prove their point. In actuality, they are are bitter, arrogant, never-been-dumped pansies with a redheaded ex-girlfriend (Quit whining, you pussy. That's why she dumped you).
Guy 1: Who knew redheads were interesting and sexy?
Guy 2: Yeah, anyone who says differently is a complete tool.
by pippi short stockings January 28, 2010
1. Somebody with red hair (duuh)
2. Normally the girls with long red hair are nice
3. Said to hail from Ireland
4. Can have short tempers
1. Hey! he's got red hair, he's a red head! (see dipshit)
2. Wow that girl with the red hair is fit. I'd do her any day.
3. He's got red hair! he must be irish
by Some-Kid March 28, 2008
A person with red hair. Known to have short-tempers, high sex drive, they dont take other peoples crap, and are wild and crazy in bed. Only 1% to 2% in the whole world has red hair. They are exotic and very sexy.
Wow that redhead is really hot
by Maddiee21031 February 24, 2010
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