rough sex for a long period of time
"i pounded that bitch raw" (scott pounded leah raw, and or leah pounded scott raw)
by BIGF*CKING JOHNSON September 02, 2005
Flagship program of the WWE that airs Monday nights on SpikeTV. Announced by Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.
I just saw HHH assraping that gorilla Mark Henry on RAW!
by Solomon November 11, 2003
Album name for the infamous group "RA~Skorns live," vs., has the record for the longest note held by Sahaj Ticotin Featuring Ludacris.

WWE RAW (Wrestling Federation)!

Her fingers are bleeding from getting Raw with a bass line last night, after being RIP'D 2 shreds on the well by this faceless scabe of a guy.

Raw(true) also meaning emotion. When a man/woman gets pissed. This is what happens:
Lets get Raw with it. The F`Bomb today fellas. Why you still all my ear with this BS man? Does he even get, the reason I walked away is so the hard core Raw of a fight wouldn't happen? You would have gotten yo' ass mowed by Rad n Co. You chased after another mans woman knowing you would bounce after tracking. At least the other two were good enough to shake hands and not run snorting like a curly tail pitched pig, causing way more drama than needed.

WTF was that?

This is Raw: "Cluck you man! Friend my bodounchus, you stuck the daggers in when you stuck your pecker their, then bragged." OOOOHHHowa I'm still mad. I'd like to see him put over a barbeque spit and roasted and toasted. You know a good sauce maker? Call B' He could whip up a massive one to dip you in. I hope your pecker gets put threw a meat grinder! You could have given me a STD.'

Dude you were fucking many chicks besides me and could have had the courage to tell me straight about it. Not "I'm taking a Mountain trip with the fella's." If you were so proud of it, why lie to me? So much for Raw emotion being on tap you bird dog sh8t fudrucker.
Chicks never listen to the line "You deserve so much better than (insert guy/girls name here)!"

That's code sing for I'm going to fuck you, yo' best friend, yo momma, and your animals lady's. Watch your back cunning john exists.
by U8thecat&yourDogsa$$hole December 13, 2009
see also oh what a night
any time in bedford or when ur chatin wit kenzie from bms
by MC givern February 24, 2005
having no amenities, "ghetto", run down, usually a dwelling
"No sheets, roaches in the bathroom, and dirt floors?!...this hotel room is RAW!"
by whoopawhoopa August 16, 2004
bad, wrong
15 year old prostitutes, that is raw
by p.i.mp ar jp September 26, 2003
Out of order

I took her man
Awww shit, that's raw you get me?

You give me bare jokes. You're too raw
by 3da aka Dejavu June 05, 2004

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