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Used to describe an attractive girl, often one that is a few years younger than ones self. Girl must be young and not particularly smart, but also flirtatious and appealing and have friends that are older guys. In this meaning, the word does not in anyway mean that the girl is a slut or anything of that nature. If anything, it means that they are inexperienced and unguided.
Henry: "Coming over to see the hussey?"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
To be shut down is similar to being burnt (see 'burn'). This occurs when the first party is keen to do something, but the second party does not want to do it with that person, so they 'shut them down'. More often than not this happens involving trying to pick up with people of the opposite sex.
Greg: "Hey sweety, will you go out with me"
Laura: "I'd really like to, but I don't think we can"
.... Greg just got SHUT DOWN!
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
The sexual act inwhich a male titty-fucks a female (or a male perhaps) and then lays a steamy hot turd on her chest and proceeds to rub it in.
Abbott: "Hey I had the greatest time last night"
Gav: "Oh yea?"
Abbott: "Yea, sulz gave me the dirties cleaveland steamer ever"
Gav: "That's nice"
by Gav800 August 26, 2005
The art of dipping ones testicles into another persons mouth, much like dipping a teabag into a cup. This act often occurs either in foreplay, or when playing a prank on a passed out friend at a party.
"How about you just your mouth or i'll teabag you when you fall asleep"
by Gav800 September 07, 2005
Word used to describe someone who sleeps with large women that are of whale proportions. The person will often take a huge disliking to this comment which is usually intended to offend the person.
Gav: "Hey Tommy, what about that fatty you slept with on the weekend, you whale rider!"
Tommy: "Hey Gav, how about you shut your mouth or i'll put my foot in it"
Crowd: "Ohhhh Tommy!"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
Used to define a person or an act performed by a person that is of a quality that would require practice, but is then nothing more than natural ability from the performer. It is the opposite to 'institutionalised' which practicing too much at something (or taking it too seriously). Something can become more 'raw' if other things have been done to make it harder and more against what someone smart would say, like drinking before the big game.
Alex: "Hey I went and got drunk last night then came and won the game today"
Gav: "Man that's raw"

Alex: "Hey I got 95% in that test and I didn't even study for it"
Gav: "Man that's as raw as it gets"
by Gav800 September 05, 2005
Just like a bag that is brought at any show off poor carnival folke, it is full of shit. You call someone a showbag if they lie or say something you don't agree with
Scrim: "Hey Gav, I'm better than you at table tennis"
Gav: "As if scrim, your such a showbag"
by Gav800 August 26, 2005
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