The owner of autorune.org, and he owes me 150mil! GIMME IT!
OmGz I R RaW!!!@1 I 0w3zer endoskelet0n teh 150 m1ll1on gee pee.
by endoskeleton April 19, 2005
ready, able and willing
oh honey i am RAW.
by just keeton June 03, 2003
something in its most purest, uncut form.
ohhhhhh baby i like RAWWWWW
by theunkown91 March 11, 2015
A word used to describe something amazing or hardcore
Joe: Man that meat was raw!
Waiter: Should I cook it more?
Joe: No but it's pretty raw
by Whatsadefiniton? December 04, 2014

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