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A handgun origionally made in Israel, by IMI (who are also the makers of the Galil and Uzi). It is gas-operated, and comes in .357, .44, and .50 calibers. Even more powerful against living targets when loaded with hollow-point bullets, which expand when they hit the flesh, easily ahnialating the back of one's head if shot in the face.

Also, pre-pubescent assholes think that the Desert Eagle is an easy to hold weapon that gives next-to-nothing recoil (read: counter strike). However, the moment you hand them a Desert Eagle at a shooting range and they shoot just one bullet off they'll probably: A) Break their wrists from the recoil. -or- B) Break most of their face because they were holding the gun about as lightly as one would hold a BB/Pellet pistol.
.50 Caliber - 7 Rounds
.44 Caliber - 8 Rounds
.357 Caliber - 9 Rounds
...and for all you people who don't know what the hell caliber is, it's the diameter of the bullet. More caliber = more gunpowder = more power.
by Xiile May 08, 2004
An untranslated video/anime.
Naruto Episode 89 was released RAW today.
by Xiile June 23, 2004
1) Piece of Shit
2) Position
A) My DVD Lens Cleaner is a POS! It doesn't even work!

B) His position in the game was (24,13).
by Xiile June 28, 2004
Quite possibly the most terribly edjumuhcayted, crime filled small town in all of eastern Pennsylvania. Stroudsburg doesn't even have a real fire department, but it DOES have a 'volunteer fire department' which takes about an hour to get to a fire, but by then the house is a smoking pile of rubble. The police here are just freaking terrible. Also infested with asshats,cuttermans, and skater punks.
Visit Stroudsburg, get robbed, get hit by a car on Main Street.
by Xiile April 29, 2004
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