the bare requirements to complete a task.
Dude, i just whipped my ass with newspaper, thats raw.

by Red Drank December 06, 2007
Having animal, or other non-human charachteristics.
Yo that guy eating out of the trash can is SOOOO raw.
by The JE bros September 25, 2006
Raw is used when something someone said has gone too far.
"I hate her f-ing guts, she's a mother fking bitch."
"Nah man, that's just raw.."
by -reoi1 April 17, 2008
Something that is really gross or bad
'they had sex in the toilets'
'son, thats raw'

'ergh that top looks really raw on her'
by Squidgey December 14, 2007
an adjective to describe an extremely good juggler
Don't you wish your girlfriend was RAW like me.
by dontcha'man November 26, 2006
Used to describe high quality cannabis. Also acceptable is calling something raw. NYC slang.
"Yo Junior, you got them dubs of raws for me?"
by dextro March 28, 2006
British slang for
Those boots are so raw. I HAVE to go get some.

I stopped eating so I can get skinny and raw,
then maybe I can do modeling.
by Nathalia November 12, 2006
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