The "red" brand. Less dominant show to Smackdown!.
Guy 1: "I saw Smackdown last night!!"
Guy 2: "I saw Raw last Monday =("
Guy 1: "sux for u..."
by 20grand October 19, 2007
being hella fucking good at any sport. having sick skills at football, basketball or any other sports that needs raw strength. commonly said after a bad ass move or play is done
(on a tied basketball game time is running out. out of nowhere, a defending player steals the ball and he runs up the court with like 5 seconds to go. exactly before time runs out, he jumps and makes a sick dunk to finish off the game.)

the crowd of the winning team shouts and celebrates: Ay!!!!

Fan 1: God Lee! that dunk was raw!

Fan 2: Hell yeah, that shit was crazy
by Brizzy Izzy July 25, 2011
Clean , Awesome , Amazing , Clutch or Beastly
"Dude , that quick scope was Raw!" or "Man I'v got skills , I'm so Raw at basketball!"
by RaW ShadowZ May 13, 2010
1. Understanding the quality of things around you, to its deepest form.

2. How ODB likes it.
Del Tha Funkee Homosapien keeps it raw, he speaks from the heart.

Sex without a condom.
by Boneapart April 22, 2010
Can be used to describe something absolutely disgusting.
Can also be said as 'Raa'
"ew mayte that's fking raw that is"
by Trixie Cheng March 04, 2007
raw = nails = hard = me. Thats right.
That right there was way too raw.
That guy is to raw.
by Greenwood888 May 19, 2008
Raw is used when something someone said has gone too far.
"I hate her f-ing guts, she's a mother fking bitch."
"Nah man, that's just raw.."
by -reoi1 April 17, 2008

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