A person that will do anything to suirvive, not necessarily snitch on someone. Just a general ass kissing, begging little rat.
ex penny pinch, beg, suck up as much as they can to someone for a tiny benifit,

cough mood.. cough rat cough
by Juvinile June 28, 2007
1.Small rodent with long tail. Lives in sewers. Smells like shit.

2. A person you generally do not want to be around.
3. Piece of shit
"Man that guy is such a rat"
"That rat smells like shit!"
"I saw this guy, Chris, at the party last night. Not only did he smell like shit, but he was such a rat!"
by fuckrats January 24, 2010
1. Short for "Hood Rat" which is a girl who has slept with several guys from her neighborhood

2. A furry little beady eyed rodent that carrys diseases and consumes shit to sustain itself. It has no purpose to most and should immediately be shot or lit on fire if spotted

3.) A staple of Indian cuisine

4.) A person who tells on someone who has commited a crime. See Narc

1.) Shonda slept with her neighbors Mike, Kyle, Ronny, Jason, Renzo and Lisa .. She's such a rat.


Guy 1: Dood! Check out that big ass rat sitting on the fence!

Guy 2: Yeah, we should totally shoot it!

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks guns*

3.) This curry chicken is delicious! I never knew rat could taste so good!

4.) Guy 1: Johnny told the shrieff that Bob was selling crack now bob is locked up.

Guy 2: Johnny is such a rat.. Lets exterminate him like one..

Guy 1: Hell yeah! *cocks gun*
by IHateYouXoXo May 10, 2009
A person who either has rat-like features or does rat-like things.
Coach K (the original rat)
by Ratty D May 08, 2009
A really ugly, or fat or slutty girl or a combination of all. She looks dirty, hangs around dirty bogan places and has fucked many times with ugly dirty guys
"OMFG, Taney'ls such a filthy rat"
"I know. And she fucked Martin 13 times!"
by james-ranga-69 August 25, 2008
Some one who has done something to annoy another or is just generally a pain. Is mainly used as an insult thrown at people throughout chippenham in wiltshire. Rat is also used when to describe someone who has snitched or is just generally really ugly.
yeh so she told bret about simon!
by KIAILOVEYOU January 29, 2008
a rat is a name to describe a dirty,skank-like, hood person.
bruce: Man did u see Bree yesterday?? she looks so different.
MIke: Yea i saw her, yea people say she's a real rat now!
by bj beauty August 28, 2007

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