RAT:(Rods Asshole Theory) states that the reason there are so many ass holes is the fact that every family must contribute at least one asshole to the asshole pool,some contribute more, a few contribute the whole family
" Man there are allot of ass holes out on the road today must be R.A.T. at work"
by romicl July 10, 2008
someonee whoo snitchess
someone that tells on someonne
Briantappin is the biggest rat in Saugaa
yoo whos the ratt ..brian..yoo kill thatt stupidd ass fuckinn snitchh
by jamalaquan September 30, 2007
A rat is the lowest human being to walk this earth. A rat usually does a lot of drugs (oxy contin/ heroin), has no money, has no job, does nothing with his/her life, but look for the next high. A rat is just a grimy, worthless, lowlife individual.
Yo man, Johnny Blaze is such a rat, all he ever does is get high.
by yllib sippi June 20, 2012
A fairly attractive female (depending on alcohol consumption).
Mate look at at that lovely bit of rat over there. Or more simply the word rat can be called from any male member of the group who believes he has spotted a rather sexy chick. Upon which the other males will soon scan the area for the potential rat and either give their approval or disgust. False calling of this word is highly frowned upon.
by MBDY October 18, 2009
RAT- A girl who goes to Clubs some where in the Cleveland Akron area every weekend and I mean every weekend and blows about 40 to 100% of her paychecks looking for love and has bop ass pics on her facebook and myspace.
"Man that girl right there fine"-guy1 "she's also broke cause she a rat"-guy2

"Man my girl always broke as fuck" guy1
"Cause she a RAT"-guy2

"Your son is 8 years old and dont know how to stand and pee cause you be at the club to much you a RAT"-girl1
by gotdemzones August 04, 2009
skinny chick who has a petite figure and is an easy sexual tart
a rat is a white female with average looks, and a skinny figure who looks like she needs a root
by gangster09 April 20, 2009
a prehistoric animal that lives in society today with the name Geovanni
"hey i saw a huge piece of cheese by that rat there"
by Maseudonia March 27, 2009

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