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a rhinoceros is a large mammal that lives primarily in Africa. a common misconception is that their horns are made out of vitamin b, when in fact they are made from candy corn. their diet mainly consists of zebras, water buffalo, deer, elk, chicken, lions, and tourists. another false fact about rhinoceros is that they are being poached to extinction, when in fact they are being scrambled. I personally prefer my rhinoceros sunny-side up.
dude look at that rhinoceros eating that poor baby!
by Nickazikaliscos December 31, 2008
A sexual position in which your lover, whilst eating your ass, reaches between your legs and grabs your dick and jacks it like a rhino's horn
Sara, my old lady gave me rhinoceros the other night.
by Matt "BTY" Felcher June 02, 2015
The shit sculpture that forms at the rear of the toilet seat when one has sat too far back while defecating. A portion of the turd scrapes off and piles up in the buttcrack which acts as a mold, creating the shape of a rhinoceros horn.
Man, my ass is getting huge! That was my third Rhinoceros this week!
by UncleShags July 03, 2006

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