A Rat, most commonly encountered on the internet, is any person who purposely causes controversy in a web community and disrupts shit for his own amusement. rats have been refered to in the web community as, ratters, assholes, david
David watson is a dirty rat
by Stevie wonder is cool but not September 05, 2009
a pest animal who is usually found in the sewers Milos motherfucking Falconer ,
the things you find in your house , and eat shit and garbagee, they smell like turds a rat
by goohh August 09, 2009
a person who does something fuckin dumb or in a stupid way. used to describe someone who is the least important of a group or someone who everyone hates
"He's always just sitting around and never wants to come hang out"
"yeah hes such a rat"
by the rat12345567 March 31, 2009
Slang for a ladies vagina.
"Get ya rat out! WHEY!"
by Loobu69 February 24, 2009
A fart, especially a rippingly loud and long one. So called because of the sound... "RRRRRRRAT!!"
I ate beans and rice for dinner last night and now I've been cutting rats all day.

"I just heard you rip a rat right then, you nasty bastard!"
by For Whom the Bell Trolls February 07, 2009
a man who tugs on their own penis for personal pleasure
-litterally translates into Rub And Tug
verb- Rub And Tug
adjective- Rub And Tugger
Fred:"Hey John wat did you do last night?"

John:"I got lonely so i started to R.A.T. to tell you the truth."

Fred:"Well John I never thought that you would be a R.A.T. I really only thought that Dave was a R.A.T."

by jesus christ and satan666 January 31, 2008
Any spawning non-player characters NPC that exist in massively multiplayer games MMORPGfor the human player to kill. Generally low ranking baddies who are quite easy to kill. Take off on the classic first enemy of so many role playing games RPG, the (nearly) harmless sewer rat.

The act of killing rats.
5 rats just spawned near me, help me waste them!
These rats drop some nice loot!
"What you doing?" "Oh, just going to rat a while."
by Daemonwell June 15, 2006
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