A really ugly, or fat or slutty girl or a combination of all. She looks dirty, hangs around dirty bogan places and has fucked many times with ugly dirty guys
"OMFG, Taney'ls such a filthy rat"
"I know. And she fucked Martin 13 times!"
by james-ranga-69 August 25, 2008
Some one who has done something to annoy another or is just generally a pain. Is mainly used as an insult thrown at people throughout chippenham in wiltshire. Rat is also used when to describe someone who has snitched or is just generally really ugly.
yeh so she told bret about simon!
by KIAILOVEYOU January 29, 2008
a rat is a name to describe a dirty,skank-like, hood person.
bruce: Man did u see Bree yesterday?? she looks so different.
MIke: Yea i saw her, yea people say she's a real rat now!
by bj beauty August 28, 2007
A questionable human whom's diet consists of only 7-11 snacks. Small in stature, and hairy around 98% of visible skin. A "Rat" can be identifed when using such vocabulary as "hotdooggg" "heweeo" "watitscalled(very quickly)" They tend to be negative, yet astoundingly cute. Rat's are generally pasive and tend not to harm other humans.
Danny E. was a rat because he only ate twinkies, and was heard mumbling "heweoo" "hotdogg" around the college campus.
by rmatic August 24, 2006
a slut, an easy lay.
You don't know what you'll catch from her...she a rat.
by Rick Bub July 09, 2005
An alternative to rap in the saying 'take the rap', well according to Andrea where i work.

Andrea: "Vicky, i'm just telling you so you don't take the rat"
by garodeo May 21, 2008
The acute anxiety one feels accompanying a hangover following a night of excessive drinking due to a feeling that one said or did something remembered or unremembered that was ill-advised or embarrassing or may be construed by others as ignorant or abominable. Comes in doses. Likely to be of Corkonian origin.
Fiona dry-humped the boss in front of everyone at the Christmas party; she must have a terrible dose of the rats this morning.

I can't remember doing anything bad last night but for some reason I've an awful dose of the rats today.
by Thade November 26, 2007
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