a slut, an easy lay.
You don't know what you'll catch from her...she a rat.
by Rick Bub July 09, 2005
1.Small rodent with long tail. Lives in sewers. Smells like shit.

2. A person you generally do not want to be around.
3. Piece of shit
"Man that guy is such a rat"
"That rat smells like shit!"
"I saw this guy, Chris, at the party last night. Not only did he smell like shit, but he was such a rat!"
by fuckrats January 24, 2010
An alternative to rap in the saying 'take the rap', well according to Andrea where i work.

Andrea: "Vicky, i'm just telling you so you don't take the rat"
by garodeo May 21, 2008
The acute anxiety one feels accompanying a hangover following a night of excessive drinking due to a feeling that one said or did something remembered or unremembered that was ill-advised or embarrassing or may be construed by others as ignorant or abominable. Comes in doses. Likely to be of Corkonian origin.
Fiona dry-humped the boss in front of everyone at the Christmas party; she must have a terrible dose of the rats this morning.

I can't remember doing anything bad last night but for some reason I've an awful dose of the rats today.
by Thade November 26, 2007
Rat: NPC character in a MMORPG videogame. Since rats are a common first enemy in many RPGs the term can now apply to any NPC to be hunted or fought strictly for the in-game experience points or loot.
The best rats in the game are the high level bosses.

Get that rat there! It’s the toughest enemy in the zone.
by Daemonwell October 03, 2006
A non-union bloodsucking kiss-ass job thief. Untrained and generally stupid. Tends to hide in the shadows out of the light and squeals about how the union dues killed the profit margin of his minimum-wage job.
Rat: I can't afford any gas or food, but I ain't going to pay any dues to a union.

Scab: Huh?

Rat: Big Corporation spoon feed me what to say!
by Scab Picker November 23, 2005
someone who is acting in a manner which is strange to the rest of the group. someone who is acting in an annoying manner. can also be used to signal to someone that their actions need to be ceased due to the fact that they are getting on the nerves of others.
John is walking down the street with his friends when he throws a rock through a window. "John, you're such a rat"
by creative_name April 25, 2005

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