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15 definitions by LordWatson

Based on a quote from the movie, an expression meaning something is the ultimate.
Dude, I love that girl, she's my Rushmore.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
150 52
Strip club
My girlfriend's outta town for the weekend, let's go see some peelers!
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
33 7
A guy who intentionally goes after fat drunk and ugly girls for sex.
Hadley shouldn't be so proud of being a donkey slayer.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
40 17
An self-acknowledged pathetic put-down. From the failed put-down in the Simpsons, one bully says "Nice glasses four eyes", the other bully says "yeah, and nice shoes......two feet."
-You're an asshole.
-I'M an asshole??? Well........nice shoes.......two feet.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
24 9
An asshole, someone deserving no respect. Coined by a pisshead Liam Gallagher (from Brit Pop band Oasis) as he was being thrown drunkenly out of a trendy London club.
Feck off you cuntibollocks.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
9 3
to have an ugly face, to be unattractive.
When my sister was born my dad said her face looked like a can of crushed assholes.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
13 12
Women of college at Trinity College, University of Toronto.
We left Gabby's last night cos' all the Trin' bitches showed up.
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
12 16