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Extra time played in a game (esp. soccer) allegedly to allow one favoured side to score a goal and win the game. Refers to Sir Alec Ferguson, Manager of Manchester United, who are often perceived to be beneficiaries of extra time goals.
From BBC TV football presenter Gabby Logan - "They're playing Fergietime!!"

United won 2-1 with a goal scored in Fergietime.
by lovecraft69 January 09, 2010
hairstyle for guys where a ponytail is brought back to it's base and banded again, thus creating a small bun at the base of the skull. Often to be seen worn by dorks, hence the name.
Tony's got a new hairdo. He's just recurved his ponytail back, and made a dorknob
by lovecraft69 May 21, 2009
hairy vagina.
hey, i've got my rat out for you.
by lovecraft69 March 28, 2009
female genitals, pussy.
Denise van Outen on arrival in the Caribbean. "hey Jamaica, check out my growler!"
by lovecraft69 April 22, 2009
in credit, opposite of overdrawn. so many folk are overdrawn that they've forgotten the term "in the black" and they call it the opposite of overdrawn.
hey, i've hardly spent anything this month. My phone contract ended, i'm taking packed lunches and i've quit smoking. I'm really underdrawn!
by lovecraft69 April 24, 2009

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