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3 definitions by Daemonwell

Ratting: killing of NPCsin MMORPGsfor loot. Rats are the common first enemy in many RPGs and have become synonymous with easy kills for in-game gold or rewards. Therefore, rats are any NPC character or enemy that is to be killed simply for loot.
Lets get the group together and go ratting.. I want to see what the guys in this zone drop as a reward.

I was ratting in a new zone and a high level player jumped me.
by Daemonwell October 03, 2006
Any spawning non-player characters NPC that exist in massively multiplayer games MMORPGfor the human player to kill. Generally low ranking baddies who are quite easy to kill. Take off on the classic first enemy of so many role playing games RPG, the (nearly) harmless sewer rat.

The act of killing rats.
5 rats just spawned near me, help me waste them!
These rats drop some nice loot!
"What you doing?" "Oh, just going to rat a while."
by Daemonwell June 15, 2006
Rat: NPC character in a MMORPG videogame. Since rats are a common first enemy in many RPGs the term can now apply to any NPC to be hunted or fought strictly for the in-game experience points or loot.
The best rats in the game are the high level bosses.

Get that rat there! It’s the toughest enemy in the zone.
by Daemonwell October 03, 2006