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Used in the northern parts of England, can mean either penis or vagina depending on the sex/sexuality of the person saying it.
Bekah: "Oi, you, GET YER RAT OUT!"
Guy: "Why don't you get YOUR rat out?!" ;)
by johnjohnjohnny! January 18, 2009
9 4
a very filthy and dirty vagina that resembles a sewer rat.
vagina flange pussy
get your rat out for the lads.
by joe wooldridge October 22, 2006
15 10
n. Car sales: A person with horrific credit that doesn't pay their bills. They may get financed but if they are, it will be at an incredibly high interest rate. These creatures usually come in some beat up dirty trade-ins that they have often negative equity issues with.
Man, I cannot believe we got that Rat financed on the deal! I guess it helped that he had $5000.00 down!
by danth666@hotmail.com September 21, 2009
5 1
Chevy big block engine;
396 - 502 cubic inch engine;
the most universal drag race motor,
Designed better than any Ford or Japanesse engine
that rat powered Chevy Nova just spanked my 5.0 Ford
by chevy hotrodder February 25, 2003
19 15
Acronym for roll and tug. The art of self pleasure when your hookup decides not to give it up. Waiting until your bed mate is asleep is at your discretion.
Dude, she didn't give it up. But that's OK. Did a little RAT instead.

Girl: "I'm not ready to have sex with you."
Dude: "That's OK, I'll just RAT and pass out."
by Cliff & Kelly August 25, 2009
3 0
Relationship Assuring Text. RAT's are SMS messages sent to convey approval of or delight in a previous social encounter with an individual of undefined relationship status with the sender. A RAT is most commonly employed after a first date where one or both parties are unsure about the perceived success of the other party. Such dates are often seen as "Awkward dates" by third parties. An exchange of RAT's sent the evening after a first date almost ensure a second date, effectively breaking the ice for more casual conversation.

The effectiveness of "Morning RAT's" (RAT's sent the morning after a first date) are hotly debated because they are believed by some to close the deal, but can also be seen as a red flag.
Guy 1: I wasn't sure how dinner with Daniele went, but she sent me this text afterward: "I had so much fun at dinner! Thanks so much!!! :)"

Guy 2: Dude! with a RAT like that, you're golden!
by Its a thing December 06, 2012
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A person who exposes another person's wrongdoings for reasons other than moral outrage or to seek justice. Usually for personal gain, to avoid trouble themselves, or out of jealousy.

The word is sometimes misused by highly immoral people to describe all people who provide incriminating evidence against other people, simply because they dislike the idea of being exposed, and want to associate a negative word with people who expose immorality.
Grant exposed the other members of his gang so the cops would reduce his sentence. He's a rat.
by link1834 April 11, 2012
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