evolved from being a hype man for famous djs in the 70s. hype men used to kick small simple rhymes to get the crowd wild, and, after awhile turned to full songs.

rappers are divided into many categories and subcategories, but the 2 dominant ones are simple. mainstream (popular and on major label with endless airplay and) and underground (not signed to a major label,no airply, and possibly holding down other job than rapper).
man...piggy banks, tony mayo, 5 cent piece and dumb fuck are talentless mainstream rappers. lets listen to a real rapper by the name of Krs-one.
by flavor flav February 03, 2005
Outta the music biz, a rapper is a person who talks too much shit.
rapper ex.
...and so my girlfriend talked her ass off for hours man, shes a rappa'.
by Toronto Raptors February 11, 2008
RAPPERS ARENT THE SAME AS GANGSTA RAPPERS so why dont you ingorant retards learn about true rap before you say "rap is all about drugs, sex, and violence!"
dumbass bitches, learn about rappers.
by aguynamedandy September 28, 2005
A modern day descendant of a number of noble masters of rap and beyond, who include not only black people but those of other shades.
Some of these ancestors include The Last Poets and Woody Guthrie.

The single most significant difference between the present day rappers and the original real rappers is the intent.

Last Poets spoke out about civil rights, social issues facing black people.
Woody Guthrie spoke out for those who were victimized or taken by the ones who had money and power, including politicians.

Modern day rappers are most often motivated by sexual superiority of male over female, their money and possessions (which include cars, jewelry, electronics, and women etc in that order), drugs, and violence without reason.
So in the context of the Last Poets and Woody Guthrie, they are The Enemy Within.
The Last Poets are the rapper grandfathers, alongside Keorapetse Kgositsile and Woody Guthrie.
by notimeforbullshite January 31, 2010
a guy who knows nothing but sex, girls, and drugs.
For short an asshole without any talent in singing
That guy is a rapper
by 555to_the_666 April 12, 2009
Alternative form of rapist.
All rappers are rapists.
by blah7532446 February 05, 2008
A person who listens to th so called "music" known as rap.It is mostly listened to illiterate {to all you retards thet pretty much means dumb)people of just about every race.
Most are in denial about other forms of music especialy rock. Most believe rap is the most popular music out there.and yet the only country it is popular is here in the u.s. also Believe there cool and tend to discriminate Excessively. all of them expect to be respected but yet give no respect to anyone exept for a select few. {Now please send all hatemail or if you agree feel free to send me something to danielwilm@hotmail.com }
any and all rappers including usher, snoop dog, and eminem.
by daniel wilm June 04, 2005

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