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term overly used about 15000 times daily, yet can be applied to almost any situation and can accually sound witty when used at the right time.
"Bob, where were you last night!?"
"uh.... with yo momma!"

"Bob, what are you doing?"
"yo momma!"
"bob, your lame, hang your head in shame"
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
Revolutionary, gives freedom to the people. To do away with societies leaders and inflated ego's. Destroyer of the worlds icons and false beliefs. Originally known for destroying things that followed a belief or system (icons).Both feared and hunted by government.
We need an inconoclast to free us from the restraints and expectation of society.
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
some punk ass n00b who has no talent and so just talks fast. uses alot of swearing, and degrading terms to act "cool". often very derogetory to minorities or women, often have no respect for police, and whine because they are too stupid to stay out of trouble.
"look, a rapper...... SHOOT EM!"
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
a word used by teenagers when around thier parents, to still appear cool yet not get ground, used in place of the "F" word (OH NOES!!!)
"look at that f...riggin giraffe!"
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
a very outdated and popularized assault rifle. spoken frequently of by "rappers" who dont have a high enough IQ to load and operate a firearm. production was stopped in the mid 70's but are still available illegally, used mainly by very poor "thugs" or splinter military groups not funded by the government, used by people to poor to afford real guns.
"This is the military, put away that Ak before somebody sees and makes fun of you"
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
style of music invented by fans of punk/emo. consist of the following:
Strange looking punk/ska/emo teenagers that disquise thier obvious lack of vocal talent by simply screaming till thier eyes bleed. A plague upon society.
"you like screamo? to bad you lack all notion of vocal talent. now go shower or something before i call the fire department to hose you down."
by Dack9 March 13, 2005
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