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to be quite perfectly honest

No one really uses this genuinely, it's usually used as a joke or imitation of some sort.
I've been thinking about buying an Xbox 360, tbqph.
by Strayfire July 11, 2006
uber-l33t ninja

16 year old alcoholic
Go ninja, go ninja, go!
by Strayfire November 13, 2004
An online slang term meaning "uh, hi."
pokessjgoku14132: hi guys!
stray: uhi
by Strayfire July 10, 2006
A black man screaming about the 'hood.
Dr. Dre is such a rapper.
by Strayfire September 23, 2004
Full Name: Ragnasaur

A complete and utter idiot that is in love with zombo.com and cows. Is a total ditz, but extremely entertaining.

Nickname: Rag

A piece of cloth used to shine shoes and clean surfaces. Also how Ragnasaur is treated by me.

Whenever something goes wrong, blame it on Rag. Even if there's nothing to blame him for, blame him anyway.
Oh crap, I burned the cookies... RAG, GET OVER HERE!!
by Strayfire September 19, 2004
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