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a fruit (preferably a grapefruit) into which a hole is cut and subsequently used as a masturbatory tool by a male. microwaving optional.
"I would never eat anything out of his trash. I might find a rapefruit."
by sketchballitudinator December 28, 2008
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It's a fruit similar to a grapefruit, lacking only a "g", but with 10x the RAPE.
Bob: Hey, I heard you like grapefruits for breakfast
John: Actually, I prefer RAPEFRUITS, WITH EXTRA RAPE
Bob: This should be a C+H (Explosm) comic... Otherwise you're just creepy...
by TheDoorMan89 September 13, 2009
Rapefruit is a penis shaped fruit that gives you multiple orgasms.
This cucumber is going to be rapefruit tonight!
by droopie September 10, 2008

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