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a fruit (preferably a grapefruit) into which a hole is cut and subsequently used as a masturbatory tool by a male. microwaving optional.
"I would never eat anything out of his trash. I might find a rapefruit."
by sketchballitudinator December 28, 2008
a person at a club or bar who is asked by a bouncer or management to leave and refuses (much like a booger stuck to a finger won't get off).
"Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave."


"Man, what a booger finger..."
by sketchballitudinator December 29, 2008
A butt which resembles an overgrown mullet
"I hooked up with him, but I definitely wouldn't date him. He has such a mullet butt."
by sketchballitudinator December 26, 2008
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