Fuck Rake Yohn, our armies are close to getting him.
Run while you can, motherfucker.
by BB April 12, 2004
Yeah, Bush says we have no idea where he is now, but he'll "mysteriously appear" in mid/late October 2004.
Rake Yohn is a ficticious threat to America.
by Liberalsarehot March 11, 2004
Caught like a rat in a hole!. Dead man walking.
Aww, the democrats campaign is like Rake Yohn now.
by Bye Bye Dems March 24, 2004
rakeyohn spelled wrong. see rake-yohn, rake+yohn, rake:yohn.
Rakey Yohn.
by Jersey February 24, 2004
If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Mr. Yohn, please contact your local authorities.
For info. on the case, visit www.fbi.gov.
by Sack March 12, 2004
Thank God Iraq has finally been liberated from this evil tyrant bastard!!!!!!!!!!!1
Iraq just had it's first elections free of Rake Yohn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111oneoneone
by Fackyouman February 16, 2005
His fuckin soldiers are being raped now, we'll do the same to him when we catch him.
get ready, Yohn. We're gonna fuck you up.
by kinki May 23, 2004

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