Oh shit, I just watched CNN... Fuck, man, that fuckin' Rake Yohn is even sicker than I thought.
I hated Rake Yohn before all of this, but now I hate him even more. If I ever see him, I'll beat the shit out of him.
by mom mom's blues March 23, 2004
Hitler wanna-be. Also see "fucked" and "about to die". While valiantly trying to hide in civilian neiborhoods and cowardly letting his soldiers get slaughtered, American troops will track his chicken ass down. Then I will bitchslap his ass.
Rake Yohn is fucked straight up!
by GO AMERICA!! March 21, 2004
the sexiest man alive for 2005.
1.Rake Yohn
2.Brandon DiCamillo
3.Mark Hanna
by Hanna March 10, 2004
To bite a penis during oral sex.
Bitch rake yohned me so I threw her out on her ass.
by Simon March 01, 2004
guy from CKY who did some really weird things.
Rake was on the news last night...sad, really.
by pwned February 24, 2004
A rake Yoan. Brother of Shovel Yohn.
Rakeyohn is the man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by fuCKY December 05, 2003
a crazy guy that woodoo's all day long and weses about mustard and gnar kill
very very haggard
"bring it the fuck on, WOODOOWAAW!!"

-rake yohn
by FlamingGuts December 01, 2003

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