When a woman's shorts and/or bikini go up into the crack of the crack of her rear end so far as to create an interesting dichotomy between the two cheeks. A super wedgie created of your own device.
Hey, you see Miley Cyrus' chicken ass at the MTV VMA's the other night? That shit was crazy.
by Sirosis August 28, 2013
A chickenass is another word for cloaca, which I'm sure lots of americans will say, but is actually another word for a really stupid person (at a certain time)
It emphasises a person to being a chicken, but like if that's not enough, you just add ass because it has a ring to it.
Thus a guy named Pantoffelman from the town of Beglium started calling his friends chickenasses as of tomorrowland 2008.
A. What is a banana?
B. You chickenass! A banana is like an apple but it looks like a banana!
A. Sorry dude i really didn't know. What is a chickenass?
B. Another word for cloaca. The Americans must use it a lot
by Krankenschneiderwienerschnitze August 12, 2013

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