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when a party/'event', usually one which contains weed and beer, is ended because cops came in and basically took over. totally fucks up someones night,
Person 1-"hey man, how was that party last night?"
Person 2-"dudee, shitty ass party got raided!"
Person 1-"fuck dude, that suckks!"
by my yearr August 29, 2009
Another term for the second meaning of "sloppy seconds".
A.K.A. when a guy licks/sucks a girl's boobs.

Sloppy seconds is a bad (and confusing) term due to it's other meaning. Also, phrasing the action any other way sounds awkward and displeasing. "Raided" is a new word that should be spread around AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!

(Raid, raided.)
1) The made out a lot, and then he raided her.

2) He raided me last night. It was nice.
by MarvinMarvin January 19, 2010
1) The act of being viciously raped then brutally murdered

2) Can also be meant in a video game sense, the complete domination of an opponent, as if to "virtually" rape then murder an adversary.
- "The Capetown Raider was finally brought to justice today after being found raiding small dogs to keep off the radar"

- "I totally just put the entire other team on their knees and raided each and every one of them until i threw up from success"
by THE Omega Chicken October 10, 2011
the act of raiding, to informally suggest that someone has been defeated unfairly.
You just got RAIDED!
by jeremy February 06, 2003
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