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Loot that is of epic quality
Check out these epix!
#epic #phat lewt #loot #wow #mmorpg
by Dustin H July 27, 2006
The plural form of epic. Used for something that goes above and beyond epic, or when multiple things are epic.
Dude, these cookies are epix.
#epics #epic #awesome #amazing #ballin'
by Petewillz August 22, 2009
the kind of pictures that when you see them you're like "oh my gawd these are so epic!!"
BenJi: this party was so effin wild, dude look at these pictures!!
Lloyd: oh my gawd, dude the're epix!!
#epix #epic #pictures #photos #epicness
by E20 April 16, 2011
A funny looking white kid from CA who thinks he is 'tuff'.
Oh man! What an epix!
by rawool December 16, 2003
a fucking cs god, jesus this kid owns
more headshots then you can imagine
by matt December 16, 2003
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