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1. a stoner's guardian angel - keeps your jacket from smelling like smoke so yo' mama don't know.

2. a really quick and easy way to do laundry
1. "Hey Joe, you have any febreeze? My jacket smells like pot from all the weed we just smoked, and I have to go to the dentist after this. I don't want the receptionist to think I was just smoking pot." "Sure man... but what about the dentist himself? Won't he also be able to tell?" "That's true..."

2. I ran out of underwear so I just grabbed a dirty pair and febreezed that shit
by Johnny Roast Beef April 18, 2010
v. To Leave behind a dank fart in your old lady's closet so that the next time she goes in there she catches a strong whiff and it's stuck in her clothes as well.


Guy 1: Dude you're so mean to your wife.

Guy 2: I know, this morning I febreezed the FUCK outta her closet.
by Chris H., Pip R. April 15, 2007

1 . to try to talk your way out of a bad situation you got yourself in.

2. to cover up smelly stuff (mainly clothing)

J: "I got a new ride its sick"

Aamir khan: "you chat Sh*t, we saw you riding your rikshaw on your way here"

J: "naa thats just my spare ride to keep a low profile"

Aamir: "first you chat breeze then you try febreeze it up"

"dude that is ponging, Febreeze that sh*t up
by fishydonatello April 04, 2011
a group of friends that are fresh; a name of a fresh group that everyone admires to be.
Boy: "Damn those girls are fresh like febreeze!"
by metomz November 29, 2010
a fabric freshener/ household cleaner. now a slang word used as a substitute for the phrase "for real?". usually follows an interesting, previously unknown, or unbelievable statement.
:"yo, cuh, i just saw tupac up in that burger king we just passed!"

:"FEBREEZE? i knew he was still alive!"

by ricky kendall April 09, 2007
An endearing term for a current or ex lover who had one of the nastiest, raunchiest and down-right foulest stank eminating from her crotch. This usually is so horrific that requires you to swear off any form of cunnilingus as the stench makes you practically vomit on impact.
Man, don't go near that girl. She hasn't cleaned down there in at LEAST a month and even Febreeze can't get that out.
by athffan September 30, 2006
A friend who you always want to have around to make stinky situations all better. Crucial for those who are prone to awkward situations or depression.
"Hunny, you're my febreeze! You always make everything better!"
by Diters December 10, 2005
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