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the act of searching bands for a long period of time
usually on myspace, or any other website that has tons of music
Joanna: So what did you do today?
Elizabeth: Oh, you know, the usually banding on myspace
by elizabethisawesomeee March 02, 2009
Banding is when you hang out with someone and make music together, eventually forming a sort of band. It is a combination of "bonding" and "band."
"Hey, come over and hang with me! Bring and instrument."
"Yeah totally!"
*hanging out, making music*
*two weeks later after a few banding sessions, band is created*
now you have two best buddies who make music.
by beitak January 21, 2012
The act of being in a band and doing bandly things such as rehearsing and writing songs with your band buddies.
Oh dude, we are totally banding today.
by emmadukes May 06, 2015
To repeatedly pull back and release (snap) a rubberband against your wrist. Often used as a way to break the mental habits of self-injury, or as a "quick fix" until the normal pattern of self-injury can be followed.
Instead of grabbing a razor, I sat there banding until the craving went away.
by Broken the Bunny April 15, 2007

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