One of the greatest alliance on Cybernation. They are awesome and are totally secksi
A: Ragnarok Pwns All
B: Orly?
A: Rly
C: Rly
D: rly...
by Mikep278 December 07, 2007
destruction of the gods: in Norse mythology, the final destruction of the gods in a great battle against the forces of evil, after which a new world will arise.
Also called Twilight of the Gods

Mid-18th century. From Old Norse ragnarök , literally “fate of the gods,” from regin “gods” + rok “fate.”
The world has started ragnarok ..... but I suggest playing it offline.
by Swissh™ December 11, 2003
1. The Game "Ragnarok Online"
2. A spell that is casted in La Pucelle Tactics by making a Square of 15 or more Dark Energy Squares.
3. A ship in FF8.
4. Name for a Weapon.
5. Another word to say if your bored.
1. "Hey! Have you played Ragnarok Online yet?"
2. "Casted Ragnarok with 120 Squares! w00t!
3. "We need to get to Balamb Garden. Get on the Ragnarok!"
4. You have obtained the Ragnarok. "W00t!
5. "......Ragnarok..."
by Jeres November 07, 2004
One of Strider Hiyryu's special moves in the game Marvel vs. Capcom. Where he takes his opponent up in the air and three other images of himself appear then slash the hell out of the enemy still in midair.
This is his best special attack-- Foward Down Foward and Two punches to perform.
by $oLL^DD_RockK March 07, 2004
The attack Isaac learns at level 13 in Golden Sun 1.
Isaac casts Ragnarok!!!
Manardi takes 241 damage!!!
Manardi goes down!!!
by Herman May 31, 2003
one of the most badass black metal bands who dont rely strictly on inspiration and have the most origional sounding riffs of the genre latest album they have released: Blackdoor Miracle, debut: arising realm
i was jamming out to ragnarok and my dad walking in yelling "what the hell is this ruckus?"
by rand vialpando January 29, 2008
a very original black metal band that hails from norway. they are heavy and their lyrics focus on paganism. albums include Arising Realm, In Nomine Satanas, and Blackdoor Miracle. one of the best!!!
Ragnarok is the baddest black metal band steve, you gotta listen to them.
by rand vialpando (editor) August 19, 2008

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