A Video game that destroys the lives of young virgin fat men, and a few fat women. (And finally the occasional badass).

by Dan Chimeisho March 06, 2005
Obtaining the worst possible passing grade at university merely by attendance, marking your name on the exam paper(s) and very little else.
Mark went to university and did a ragnarok, it wasnt really worth 3 years of his sad, hollow life :(
by Dimebag September 21, 2004
(Adj.)Lad's word for something either intensly scary or just something über cool.
"Dude that rollercoaster was ragnarok!"
by Lad Nin Miland February 03, 2003
Legendary Starcraft, warcraft, and Halo player. Way better than stupid JoeBatters
"You guys seen that Ragnarok online? Hes a crazy mofo!"
by Mada December 02, 2004
The act of penile/anal sexual penetration.
Sam: Hey Sean, what's up?
Sean: Dude, seriously, don't open the door, we're performing ragnarok!
by Sean March 08, 2005
The name of an evil robot clone of Thor, first seen in Marvel Civil War. When the real Thor was missing, presumed dead, Tony Stark/Iron Man and Hank Pym used a hair that Tony had of Thor to make a robotic clone. It was first deployed in the Civil War storyline to combat Captain America's resistance, but it goes wild, shooting a lightning bolt at the hero Goliath, putting a giant gaping hole in his chest, killing him. This was a "programming error."
In the final battle in Civil War, Hercules is seen ripping Ragnarok apart.
Later events after civil war reveal that the Hank Pym that helped build Ragnarok was a Skrull.
Hercules and the real Thor can beat the crap out of Ragnarok any day.
by Nobody here July 27, 2015

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