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One of the highest quality knives on earth created by artist Mick Strider. These come in a few variations including folders and fixed blades. It is not possable to be a Pabster and own a Strider.
Hey see the pocket clip on that guys pocket? He is carrying a Strider.
by knifekid47 February 27, 2009
When you come up behind your mate and pull his trousers down. Or by sliding your foot along his leg.
He got stridered" "David is trying to strider him
by 83294 August 04, 2011
Stud That is probably going to be an assassin and whoop some but, get all the ladies, and wire radios.
Were all Saved, Here Comes Strider.
by Magic Man __ January 26, 2016
Strider Hiryu. An awesome ninja with a long red scarf and a sword named Cypher, from the 1980's arcade game "Strider." He has also appeared in the Marvel vs. Capcom games.
"Strider" is so damn hard...!
by Maikeru November 28, 2003
50ft Monster/Enemy working for the Combine from Half-Life 2.

Walks on 3 opposable legs wielding a heavy machine gun and heavy laser.

1. Singular- Strider
2. Plural - Striders
Citizen - Watchout, there are Striders about!
by 2ndSoviet September 04, 2004
When you're running to the bathroom and don't make it on time. Then you get strider all over your legs.
Oh shit. I've got strider on my legs.
by Luka December 17, 2003
The grease between your legs after you go for a run.
Ah crap, need to shower, this shit smells
by jake May 04, 2004
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