a very original black metal band that hails from norway. they are heavy and their lyrics focus on paganism. albums include Arising Realm, In Nomine Satanas, and Blackdoor Miracle. one of the best!!!
Ragnarok is the baddest black metal band steve, you gotta listen to them.
by rand vialpando (editor) August 19, 2008
A very powerful sword.
Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX
by Steve November 29, 2003
Ragnarok was a rouge member of InvisionFree mega-forum GSF (Gemz Shining Forums). He is in some obscure way a messenger, friend and nemesis of fellow member Riku. After claiming to have the ability to wipe GSF off the internet, Ragnarok decided to let them off. In response to this he was IP banned. Though this should have put him to rest, Ragnarok continued to spam through GSF's shoutbox. For the following weeks efforts to silence the nuisence were proved useless. When Riku was banned, both he and Ragnarok began posting obscure, offensive and repulsive songs about both forum owner Gemz and Tidus, an admin who had crossed the pair. Later that year, Ragnarok's legend continued with users posting as Magpie, Raggy-N, Korangar and more claiming to be part of the Ragnorok Organisation. Whether these people are simply other guisses of Ragnarok himself or a genuine organisation is unknown.
To this day Ragnorok or his follower will on occasion send messages over the Shout Box, often involving new tasteless stories about Tidus or dirivatives there of. Most recently was a stream of messages during Christmas 2007.
He's coming after Gemzy with,
A big, rock hard p*nis!"

-Quoted from one of Ragnarok's imfamous songs.
by Sydney Brown February 27, 2007
A badass and very original black metal band that hails from Norway. Albums include Arising Realm, In Nomine Satanas, and Blackdoor Miracle. Amazing...
I love ragnarok. they stick to their black metal origins better than most bands nowadays. FUCK YEAH!
by rand vialpando July 28, 2008
1. A very cool name meaning the end of the end in a spectacular war between dragons, giants and gods.

2. The best looking and most powerful space craft ever in the Final Fantasy Series (FF8).

3. My nickname
by Cameron October 22, 2003
the biggest, most badass mech in Mechassault. It features a LosTech Lava gun that will inflict major damage if it connects. It also has a shield that deflects most damage.
Oh shit... their team has a level 3 Ragnarok guarding their flag... in pimpin terms, we be fucked.
by Anonymous May 31, 2003
A title song off of GWAR's album RAGNAROK.
I was listening to Ragnarok earlier, and now it's stuck in my head.
by Colin C May 18, 2005
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