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Winning. Partying like you mean it. Often involves house music or dubstep at fantastically high volume and flailing. The act is called raging while those who partake and also the venue are sometimes called ragers. Similar to a rave. Ought to involve glowsticks.
I think we might be raging!
Dude, I just want to rage.
by retsasid May 01, 2011
49 42
RAGE is the word for partying at your hardest. If you are RAGING, you are out of control. You are likely to be very inebriated, and may fall on your face even while innocently walking back to your bed. R.A.G.E stands for Rowdy Alcoholics Getting (in)Ebriated.
We rage harder than Rebecca Black going to school on a Friday morning...partyin' partyin' partyin' YEAH!
by DJ Joseph Pesta April 20, 2011
16 9
The act of being a whiny bitch when playing a video game. Loudly swearing, complaining, insulting and/or tossing around blatantly untrue accusations of cheating, hacking, or unfair gameplay when losing at a video game. Most prominent in matches of Call of Duty online multiplayer. Used mostly by babies as a shield to avoid being "unfairly" labeled as babies. Regarded by babies as an appropriate substitute for proper methods of venting or simply growing the hell up. Sometimes regarded simply as an appropriate and constructive way to pass time by immature assholes.
I'm not being a baby I just rage a little sometimes...

I'm not an immature asshole, I'm just raging cause this lobby's full of niggers...
by Boomhedshotzzz April 13, 2013
23 19
1. Mental and physical liberation through music, dancing, and intoxication among your peers.

2. To get fucked up and dance like nobody's watching; usually at concerts.

I'm going to rage the hardest in my life at the show tonight.
by Catdoglives July 03, 2013
3 0
Uncontrollable anger that usually takes over your mind and mostly continues to violently act until forcibly stopped or until you calm down. After-effects can be crying in sadness, hunger, chronic migraines, and unconsciousness.
When my rage set in, everyone left the room.
by ultimate soldier May 14, 2012
4 2
The act of finding something to get hyper angry at, then destroying everything that disagrees wirh you.
Only the dreamers of the day can do this for they are the most deranged people in the universe. Luckily there isn't that many people who dream by day.
Did you see that dreamer of the day rage that police officer?
by the last wise son January 17, 2012
5 3
The act of partying extremely hard. Side effects include but are not limited to: spending lots of money, drinking excessively, uncontrollable dancing, creation of new drinks, getting into randoms cars, the need to wear sunglasses in bars, confusion, obsession, and lack of sleep.

Those who engage in the act of raging are known as ragers and are on a completely different level than everyone. Trying to engage them in a conversation can prove a futile effort.
Classes are canceled tomorrow morning, let's RAGE!!

Friend: "Hey! How are you doing?"
Rager: "RAGE!"
Friend: "I see that...what else you up to tonight?"
Rager: "Get on my level. Rage."
Friend: "Okay...why are your wearing sunglasses in a bar?"
Rager: "The sun never sets on a badass. Rage."
by GiveMeYourShirt April 05, 2011
9 7