Verb; To party like crazy with the help of good friends, drugs, alcohol, art, lasers and amazing music. Ragers are usually socially adept, friendly music enthusiasts who like to share their experiences with fellow ragers.
Ragers have a rage face and look. They are fashion conscious and usually great foodies. They have a flare about them always.

Raging is an art that really involves all five senses... And a way of life
Hey you guys going to the mimosa show tomorrow? Lets fuckkkknnn RAGE.

We raged so damn hard ... My body feels like jelly now

How did y'all raging ass people meet? You guys are awesome!
by Ragingdoobie September 07, 2013
Gay band out of the Central Valley area.
Let's RAGE! COMMENCE! HUR DUR! We're fags!
by xStraightxEdgex September 27, 2009
German speed metal band formerly known as Avenger
reign in fear was Rage's 1st album
by metallord August 04, 2004
What the owner of red blue records defines every damn day of his life
Bro Michael David is the fucking rage king!
by Riot E. May 10, 2009
to get angry, or act as if you're angry, and RAGE on anything or anyone on site. there are no limits when it comes to doing so. please, rage on.
by kikoeatschilluns August 17, 2011
To party until you're on the cusp of death, and or coma"TOAST" with good friends in ignorant settings.
Hey guys let's grab sum four lokos...151...go to the club and RAGE.
by Vaughn Carter July 29, 2011
To be very angry to the point of redness, extreme hissy fits, and to achieve a 10 on the anger scale
Dude did you see that kid playing a Paladin, I heard he raged so much that he didn't get anything done!
by Therageofrob April 27, 2011

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