German speed metal band formerly known as Avenger
reign in fear was Rage's 1st album
by metallord August 04, 2004
To party until you're on the cusp of death, and or coma"TOAST" with good friends in ignorant settings.
Hey guys let's grab sum four lokos...151...go to the club and RAGE.
by Vaughn Carter July 29, 2011
to rage or be raging. can also be used as a noun, to be on rage. Someone who is extremely intense with blood shot eyes and have a thirst for human flesh. From movie "28 days later."
Dude, are you on rage?
I think ____ is raging right now?
by morelax14 February 17, 2011
Giving self defensive, 1 paragraph comments to a post on google plus with a strange -.- face at the end of each one.
rage quitting
by gosh im joking December 26, 2011
Partying so hard as to not give a fuck. Those who engage in the act of raging are known as "ragers."
Cab Driver: What does rage mean?
Rager: It means "you don't give a fuck!"
by Social Chair 2992 December 21, 2010
What one feels when another person visits expecting reliable information, gets offended when people post definitions in poor taste, and, instead of simply leaving the site like any reasonable person would, continues to add yet another stupid definition that isn't even funny or entertaining.
Seriously, if you don't like the site, stop coming back. This causes rage.
by geoffreaux October 01, 2009
To really let loose and forget your inhibitions. Usually used in context of extreme partying. Also used in context of dancing ones ass off. Popular amongst bros and dubstep junkies alike. Can also be converted into a adjective with the addition of -er (Rager) to describe an out of control party, club or concert.
Dubkid#1: Doctor P. is spinnin' tonight, bruv!
Dubkid#2: I'm ready to fuckin' RAAAAAGE!!

Bro#1: We just got the keg, bro!
Bro#2: Let's fuckin' Rage!
by Peaceblaster January 28, 2011

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