Stands for the Random Ass Grenade, in call of duty 4. Where the person just aims in the air throws a grenade and the result is your death.
"fucking rags dude i can't go two secons without getting hit by one, screw shipment".
by k hump April 13, 2008
R.A.G.s (Random Ass Grenades)are grenades that are randomly thrown grenades, typically at the beginning of a round, when the players does know the location of their enemy. Usually followed by the player saying "R.A.G. out!" the term R.A.G. is usually heard while playing the following games online. Call of Duty 4, Rainbow 6 series, Halo 3, Counter Strike, basically any FPS (First Person Shooter)or grenade type devices.
Fuck it! I'm just going to throw some R.A.G.s their way!
by Russ Tundra March 05, 2008
another word for fuck, sex e.t.c
''im gonna rag the shit out of her!''
by ricky bud October 18, 2007
Rags are the Man United Scum who visit the theatre of scaffolding every other Saturday. Not usually from the Manchester area.
"Sit down you scabby Man United scum rags"
"Your Mum's ya Dad, ya Dad's ya Mum you're interbred you United scum rags"
by Sir Alex August 14, 2007
To have sex with.

Derives from the British term 'to Shag', which became popular within the USA due to the film 'Austin Powers'. Rag is used only in the conditional and past tense, or used as an expletive.

For the conditional, Rag would be used to infer that you would have the pleasure of being intimate with the object/person. It most frequently appears in the cliché, 'I'd rag her/him anyday!'

While on the other hand, in the Past tense, it is only used in a joking fashion. Using 'ragged' to tell the truth would only make people unable to take you seriously.

As an expletive, it is used as 'Raggy', which one shouts aloud to the unsupspecting public, to see if anyone noticing. Unofficially, it means 'I want to have sex with your right here right now.'

Anthony: I would so rag Mrs. Coe!

Past Tense:

Ross: What were you doing around around Connor's house yesterday, Richard?
Richard: Ragging his bedsheet! What do you think?


Anthony: RAGGY!
Ross: Mate, you just shouted that out the window to small French Children.
by Fabien Dumort July 05, 2007
Shortened term for "Ragnaros," final boss in a dungeon called "Molten Core" in the mmorpg World of Warcraft.

"Dude! My guild just downed Rag for the first time!"

"Okay guys, we're going to kill Rag next.
by 5ummerbreeze August 30, 2006
A Manchester United fan. The term originates from when United had to play their matches at Maine Road when Old Trafford was bombed in the second world war, hence United were homeless rags.
City 3 (Sinclair, Vassell, Fowler)
Rags 1 (van Horse)
by Spindash July 17, 2006

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