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A random act of gayness causing pain to others minds and souls, sent from the planet ragula, the evil spirit of all rag comes out at night and poisons teenage girls and boys with ragulitis, the most common disease of the rag.

Ragulitis will take over your soul, starting with your vagina and moving on to your asshole. It loves blood and will multiply to create children of the rag. please urge all fellow children of the rag to be neudered so that the rag population stays under control. we must not let the children of the rag take over the rest of the city.

the known leader of the rag goes by the name of wilkinson. he has a small wee wee and loves to practice the art of the rag. the rag police means the people who are responsible for overseeing all forms of rag
girls creating facebook album titles with phrases like "live it up drink it down!" or "summer oh ten, good times bitties!" Not as bad as a ragula or scringula, which are much more extreme versions of the "rag"
by nelsonn July 30, 2010
when you, or your chick get all moody and shit beacuse she's on her period ;

she's basically bi-polar, & when he doesn't tell you why, you get angry.. then when she does, your dumbass says some dumb shit to make it worse
ahh fuck! my chicks' on her rag

why you being such a bitch? get off your rag

are yu on your rag, 'cause you been acting all bi'polar and shit
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 12, 2009
Stands for the Random Ass Grenade, in call of duty 4. Where the person just aims in the air throws a grenade and the result is your death.
"fucking rags dude i can't go two secons without getting hit by one, screw shipment".
by k hump April 13, 2008
A small towel often used to wash one's face.
I accidientally used two rags to wash my face at the hotel.
by whoseurdaddy September 03, 2012
The name comes from a poorly documented 30s Indian comic strip about a mischievous boy who pranks others. Often in conjunction with the name, the title "the Fags" is used in the thirties context, referring to the cigarettes Rags is supposed to resemble.
Rags the Fags stole the teacher's masala, then blamed it on Anupama
by Jeffrey Chen September 29, 2011
When Gerald Mcpartland acts RUDE
He isn't replying back..... ugh R.A.G
by Monaaaaay May 07, 2011
Random Ass Grabbing at a party or event in which you and your friends escape without being noticed
Hey dude lets go rag for a little bit.
by Ron tho July 15, 2013