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short for raggard which is another way of saying haggard. Having a gaunt, wasted, or exhausted appearance, due to prolonged suffering, physical exertion or anxiety, someone who is very worn out.
1. man I've been studying for my big math mid term all night, im so raaaag
2. I haven't been this rag since since that year I spent in military school
by robbo1234 November 06, 2011
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another word for fuck, sex e.t.c
''im gonna rag the shit out of her!''
by ricky bud October 18, 2007
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Random Ass Girl/Guy.

1.A random unknown person your friend brings home.

2. A random unknown person your friend brings to an event.

3. A random unknown unexpected person your friend brings to hang out.
My roommate is driving me crazy because he's always bringing home RAGs!

Why did he bring that RAG to my birthday?

I hate when she brings a RAG out with us. It was supposed to be girls night.
by Illusion36 September 03, 2013
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Retarded AND Gay...meaning ridiculously stupid and f-ed up. (nothing against our gay and lesbian friends, so don't be rag and start crap)
Why does she have to be so rag?

My phone is being rag.
by warmice September 29, 2011
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An acronym which stands for Random Act of Gay, used in a sentence when one of your friends says something of homosexual matter or you may find weird
"That guy over there has nice arms"
-"Man thats such a rag, are you gay?"
by henrythelemur July 19, 2010
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Used by a lot of people to mean a woman (shortening of "on the rag"). Also can be used to refer to an Arabic person (shortening of "raghead").

Either way, it's offensive, so watch your mouth (or don't).
1. Person 1: Your phone's ringing, bro.
Person 2: Ugh, it's my rag calling, she's been bitchin' all day, I'm sick of her.

2. Person 1: Look at that rag over there.
Person 2: Ugh, probably a terrorist. I wish those rags would all go back to Alquaidastan or wherever they're from.
by Lietuviu Kurvis February 04, 2010
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How Asians, particularly Japanese, pronounce the word "lag."
*Counter-strike freezes*

Random Asian guy: "Fucking rag!!!"
by Paulmarti October 08, 2008
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