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a word used to describe something on par with excellent pornographic material
Matt: "hey adam"
Adam: "I had sex with your mom last night, it was porntastic"
Matt: "well... your mom!"
by bdub March 04, 2004
take a dump
I've got to go chase a growler to the ocean
by bdub December 25, 2003
A group of three or more basic white bitches
This Ugg is taking up the entire sidewalk waiting for Starbucks to open.
by bDUB November 19, 2014
phrase; short for "wow, you're (u're) gay!"
"Did you just say you like Teletubbies? WUG!"

"Your name is Steve (or Andrew)? WUG!"
by BDub January 12, 2004
abridged version of "Douche Rag"
Damn Dan Uribe is such a rag.
by BDub October 13, 2003
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