Used by a lot of people to mean a woman (shortening of "on the rag"). Also can be used to refer to an Arabic person (shortening of "raghead").

Either way, it's offensive, so watch your mouth (or don't).
1. Person 1: Your phone's ringing, bro.
Person 2: Ugh, it's my rag calling, she's been bitchin' all day, I'm sick of her.

2. Person 1: Look at that rag over there.
Person 2: Ugh, probably a terrorist. I wish those rags would all go back to Alquaidastan or wherever they're from.
by Lietuviu Kurvis February 04, 2010
A peice of cloth like material used to clean up messes
Person 1 "Oh shi*t i spilled my juice!"
Person 2 "Here wipe it up with this Rag"
by TurtleTj July 03, 2009
a rare carnivore found in the country of Swaziland.
The rags was eating my neck.
by a fuffy camel May 23, 2009
The overwhelming feeling of Regret, Anxiety, Guilt and Shame often accompanying a severe hangover.
John had too much to drink at the party yesterday and today he's got the RAGS
by MacBone March 05, 2009
1. To sex someone

2. To make fun/give someone a hard time about something

3. Girls are 'on this' during menstration
1. 'Hey Bro I totally ragged that girl last night'

2. 'Yeah he ended up having sex with the 60 year old'

'gross man, I take it you've ragged him hard about it'

3. 'Dude what's up with her today?'

'dunno, probably on the rag'
by donkeystuff11 February 12, 2009
Another word for crap.
Charlotte: "I'm bored!"
Ian: "Yea this party is rag!"
by KiBeCh February 01, 2009
to shag someone violently so they are trown around like a rag doll.
MAAAATE i'd rag her! :P
by ad-cale January 29, 2009

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